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I’m John, AC0OL.

I am the keeper of the membership database. Email me at johnkossuth@gmail.com

 or Skype me John Boy

 with any changes or additions  to the membership list.

This webpage is created and hosted by W5JMB Kadiddlehopper 11626


Please report any difficultis to w5jmb@coxinet.net

Membership List

The White Coat


                    Hello, I’m Jim.





I have plenty of space on this webpage,  so I invite you to email me at  w5jmb@cox.net or you can “skype” me @ jmbartlett with anything you would like to see on the page. When submitting ideas for the content of the page please send photos or links and a description of the items you are requesting.



Semi-Annual Meeting


 Twin Bridges State Park


May 18, 2019

September 14, 2019

Use CTRL & F keys to find your callsign

Would you like to join in on the fun ?


Easiest way to become a Kadiddlehopper:   


Get on the air on 7253.50, make your desire  known. 


After a relatively easy, slightly insane examination you will receive some instructions and be assigned  a number. 


Blocks of numbers are held by John AC0OL, Dave-KE0DL, and possibly Dean-NO5E may have some numbers left.

The Kadiddlehopper family history www.kadiddlehoppers.com/history

Kadiddlehoppers Picnic Pictures




Can’t Make that Hamfest or Fleamarket


Create your equipment list and email it to


It will be listed here.

Be sure to include your address and phone number.

Upcoming Hamfests, Swap Meets & Flea Markets

 Email your lists to w5jmb@coxinet.net and they will go in this section